Dye-ing To Dye!


Inspired by a ZW Home recipe for lip/cheek stain, I boiled some beets we got in our CSA box last weekend. I haven’t gotten around to making the lip stain yet (although I found the perfect rollers in my makeup box yesterday – old glitter tubes), but I did whip some cream to go on top of my iced coffee on Monday. I thought pink whipped cream sounded fun, so I dribbled a bit of the beet juice in. It came out great! You can’t taste the beet juice at all, but the cream has an ever-so-faint pink tint to it. Can you tell?

It also made me start thinking about other natural dye projects, especially since Easter is around the corner. Some commercial dyes are thought to be carcinogenic or otherwise dangerous to human health (recently in the news: Food Dye + ADHD.) Kindof a bummer, right?

Image via.

Of course we are naturally attracted to colorful food, because in nature color = nutrients. Artificial dyes do not exactly follow that equation, though, so it’s definitely worth exploring alternatives. Here’s a how-to on natural dyes for Easter eggs. You could either hard boil them and eat them later on, or blow the insides of the eggs out first and have omelettes while your shells are steeping. The benefit of the second idea is that you can hang onto the shells for next year (as long as you make sure to rinse them out well before and after dyeing to avoid stinkiness.) Either way, no waste, and you can put the shells in the compost when you’re all through.

What do you think? Beet juice whipped cream sound disgusting? Do you enjoy dyeing eggs, or am I the only 24-year-old kid on the block? Hippity hop.


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